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What a Great Day

Oh the sun came out today. I love the sunshine. I am me again for once I have no headache and I am feeling great.
I have been up since 5:45 this morning started off with some aerobics with Denise Austin than took a walk than came back jumped roped and went for another walk and jumped rope again. Later I plan on going to the track and walking for at least twnety more minutes.

I was ready to throw in the towel a few days ago, but after a few of you told me not I listened and relized I want to do this and I have no other choice. And I did not get fat over night so I will not lose the weight over night.
Today is a great day. God has blessed me greatly. He Blesses me Greatly but today He made the sun shine so I am more blessed. So I am feeling great.

Well I am doing good I think. I saw a picture of me that I taken with my sister last weekend and I see how huge I was I mean I saw what I looked like and that is something I do not want to look like when I go to Maryland this summer with my grandfather. I want to be back in those brand new clothes that I bought before my car wreck. So I am focused and I have to stay on this for me. Noone can do it but me so here I am. I may get on here and post how bad I feel but please encourage me and if you ever need it I will encourage back.

So here I go again starting all over with 70 pounds to lose---like I mentioned I am a big girl I am 209 and I want to be 153 (the weight before the car wreck) If I lose all 70 pounds I will be 139 and that would put me smaller than I was before the wreck. And no complaining here. So this is what I have to do exercise and diet everyday. So starting today I will be getting up at 5:45 every morning to workout and take a walk and jump rope. Start my mornings out right. So that is my plans, anyone have any other suggestions?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Thank You for reading and not judging me
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don't forget to eat some breakfast before you go out in the morning! you'll need the energy!