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If You got Weight---Why Wait???????????????????

Love me For Who I am

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Goal Weight104
Date AccomplishedSeptember 30, 2005
......EITHER OR......your method
Treadmill or TrackTrack
Low Carbs or Low CaloriesLow Calories
Gym or at HomeHome
Weights or AerobicsBoth
Meats or All VeggiesVeggies
Your Purpose.........
What is keeping you focusedFriends, health
Why are you doing thisto better me
When is the best time of the day for you?early morning
What makes you push on to your goalget into my clothes that I bouhgt right befreo the wreck
What disappoints you the mostpeople disencouragine me and calling me "fat"
----Once Finished-----
When is your goal Date09-30-2005
Do have a specfic outfit you wantMy cute little lace up jeans and pink shirt
What size do you want to be12
What do you want your weight140
What will you do to show offgo somewhere where everyones at
How will you reward yourself for your accomplishmentsgo soemwhere and relax take a vacation
----Your Motivation----
What keeps you goingHealth wanting to be like before my wreck
who can you trust the mostummm...........
what is your driveto get into my pants hanign up in bathroom
what motivates youmy cute little outfit I have hangin in my bathroom----to see the scales lower

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