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Just one inch

I have lost hope.
I am not seeing results, although I lost one inch sine last week. But I am not feeling nor seeing the results. I feel like a bloated cow. Well one reason is apparent but oh well I am just not feeling this diet thing. I have been exercising but still no results one week I am down five to eight pounds next week I am up three pounds and I am usually up if I diet more so maybe if I diet less I will continue to see the results?

I am in the state of confusion. Where I am ready to hand it in and quit. But each time I walk in to take a shower there are my pants haning up to remind me that I want to wear those brand new jeans.

I want to be 15 pounds lighter in March and my goal in May so I will just exercise and diet everyday and I know I can do it. But this is werid I am not sure, But I am feeling bad for I am not seeing much results with the slim fast anymore or the exercising I am giving up hope.

Oh well good thing there is a section on here where I can post. Thanks for listening to me.
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